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Moscow..Tel Aviv.. Documents and Secrets
Feb. 12, 2023
Sami Omara
Non-fiction: Politics/Current Affairs
This book is a step on the path of re-reading history, not to make judgments,
but to realize the reality of things.
In this book, the author talks about the role of Russia in “making” Israel, and
based on his close relation to the Kremlin and several prominent figures in an
era that was one of the most dangerous eras in modern times, he explores
Moscow’s relations with Israel, which was imposed upon the Middle East by
those who don’t have any right to the land. He explains in this book, using
mostly evidence and documents, that Moscow is one of the main responsible
entities for the establishment of Israel in the region. He shows Stalin’s vital role
in its establishment and his support to the Zionist movement, and the impact
of this on Arab-Russian relations later on. He also emphasizes that the Soviet
Union delegates in the United Nations support the Israeli people’s interests,
even without the request of their leaders. They codify what Britain couldn’t
His approach in this book is based on documentation and the use of material
evidence, not just stating mere theories.
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