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To Them, I Am God
Feb. 10, 2023
Josef Pánek
Fiction: General/Other
A powerful new novel from the winner of the greatest literary prize in Czechia

Bergen a city where it is always gloomy and dark, where it rains for half a year straight, where no shops are open on the weekend and where people communicate exclusively in Norwegian. In a city surrounded by mountains, one cannot climb. In a city where loneliness and isolation grow to new dimensions…

Pride and fall. Loss and searching. A swirl of obsessive thoughts and loss of existential confidence experienced by the main character of Josef Panek’s newest novel expose the reader again to exorbitance of uncompromising writing that is here and there scared by itself. Who is this idol, this confident god who does not have the slightest doubts about being exceptional? Who always knows what he wants and does things with no regrets? The young men who is hugely admired by all his friends? And what will happen with him when he deliberately chooses to deprive himself of the safeness of home where he knows everything and has everything under control – or at least he thinks so – and he leaves post-revolutionary Czech Republic to pursue his career as a scientist in Bergen?

Unforeseeable unfamiliarity is knocking him down and he cannot even rely on his own senses anymore…
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