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Putin.. The Battle of Fortune and Power
Feb. 9, 2023
Sami Emara
Digital: Non-fiction: Politics/Current Affairs
This book, "Putin...The Conflict of Wealth and Power", starts with a history
of the staggering Soviet Union under the regime of Mikhail Gorbachev. Putin
appears only in the middle of Chapter two after the book states the great
amount of corruption and weakness that characterized the politicians of that
time. Putin appears silently in the scene as the savior of the situation, which
takes us back to the concept of the "Strongman", who senses the amount of
eminent danger and acts accordingly.
This book explores Putin's conflicts with the Oligarchy money tyrants who were
mostly Jews, especially after one of them stated that they managed to rent a
regime that serves and protects their interests, and Putin considered this an
unforgivable insult. The book dwells upon the role of the Jews, not as a religious
group, but as a political sect, in manipulating the fates of the Russians.
The Author, Samy Emara, also examines Putin's conflicts with prominent
media figures, and with separatist movements in Chechnya and Caucasia, and
highlights Putin's foreign policy and the Ukrainian crisis.
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