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Un bosque flotante (A Floating Forest)
Feb. 7, 2023
Jorge F. Hernández
Fiction: General/Other
The narrator dives into the childhood he lived in Mantua, a forest near to Washington D.C. Chronicle of memories that ignited the low recovery of his mother’s memory; May begins to remember some words that are names, the order of things, the disorder, things left to chance … the trees of a forest. The narrator’s childhood is the passage to recover his mother’s past and the novel weaves these fragments like someone spins syllables over the snow of blank pages. Jorge F. Hernandez recreates the first fifteen years of his bilingual biography amid a forest that has remained intact in a shared memory and where the reader is suspended in the presence of the terrible enigma of Evil, of the worst side of North American utopia, which is only alleviated by the affections that last forever … and that do not deserve to be forgotten.
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Fernanda Meixueiro
VF Agencia Literaria
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