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Secrets of Gas War
Feb. 6, 2023
Gamal Taha
Digital: Non-fiction: Politics/Current Affairs
Day after Day... The importance of natural gas in generating
energy increases worldwide. This book highlights the power
balance and the future of energy in the region, through
important points:
- The date of discovery of gas and oil worldwide
- The Russian gas and how it is related to Europe, and the
Russian control over many political incidents like preventing,
supporting, and searching for new ways.
- Discovering the Egyptian gas in the Eastern Mediterranean,
and the Turkish anger over the loss of influence in the region
- Qatar, which has the world's largest gas field with Iran, seeks
today to reconstruct Syria after financing extremists there
because it is the only route of Qatari gas to the Mediterranean.
All of this is presented in a simplified and easy way for
non-specialists, in order for them to enjoy and benefit from it.
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