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Jan. 30, 2023
Ligia Urroz
Fiction: General/Other
Nicaragua, 1979.
After the triumph of the Sandinista front, in a restaurant in Managua by the newly born Plaza de la Revolución, three guerrilleros enthusiastically recall that glorious July 19 and the shouts of joy from the crowd celebrating the overthrow of the dictatorship. However, they cannot be satisfied while Anastasio Somoza Debayle is "living happily in exile" in Asunción, so they decide to infiltrate Paraguay and observe all his movements until they can find a chance to finish him off...
A few months earlier, an eleven-year-old girl faces the confusion of turbulent times: shootings fill the streets of Managua with death, and a general aversion against Somoza is felt inside and outside the borders, particularly in Mexico. The war is here. She is
too young to understand all this hate, but what hurts her the most is seeing how the world
around her falls apart. The man who was like an uncle to her and her sister, who was always
smiling at family gatherings is now, to her surprise, called a dictator: the enemy of an entire nation.
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Fernanda Meixueiro
VF Agencia Literaria
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