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Meet Factory
Jan. 25, 2023
Miloš Urban
Fiction: General/Other
A historical novel set during the First Republic in Prague’s Holešovice-Bubny district

Leon Silkysbooth is as eccentric as his name, yet he cares solely for his job and family. This engineer, overseeing Prague’s neon illumination in the 1920s, lets his creativity and diligence lure him to another profession: he is to improve the social perception of the Meet Factory (the Central Prague Slaughterhouse). The enormous slaughterhouse is untouchable, and Leon must regularly cleanse and bleach its reputation with his wit. When a beautiful woman arrives as the slaughterhouse’s newest employee, Leon senses something is off about her. He decides to get to the bottom of it, turning his life upside down. As if it were not bad enough that the slaughterhouse trades in meat, now dirty competition is trying to slither its way in – and human bones are discovered at the Maniny rendering plants.
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Veronika Chaloupkova
Argo Publishers
phone: 608069396
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