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A House Divided
Jan. 20, 2023
Alice Horáčková
Fiction: General/Other
The story of a family in Sudetenland
This novel is about poachers and free-spirited women, owners of fabric mills and lady Spiritists in a mountain village in the Sudetenland of the first half of the twentieth century. Czechs and Germans share beds in mixed marriages and argue about which nationality to declare in the census, who will build a new school first, and who killed a dog named Masaryk. Secret romances, army desertions, casual wrongs and name changes ultimately end up costing real lives. Inspired by the history of her own family, by rosy memories and blue memoirs, photographs, old newspapers and archival finds, the author weaves a grand family saga. Alternating between male and female voices and between the fabulous and the documentary, she fully recreates the world that her own relatives have lost. Some of her kin were expelled from Czechoslovakia at the end of the war while others stayed. One of her uncles even befriended Reinhard Heydrich and “Aryanized” a Jewish textile factory.
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Veronika Chaloupkova
Argo Publishers
phone: 608069396
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