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The Movement
Jan. 18, 2023
Petra Hůlová
Fiction: General/Other
Society is close to fully embracing The Movement’s reforms. What happens to those who cannot adjust?

The Movement’s founding ideology emphasises that women should be valued for their inner qualities, spirit and character, rather than their physical attributes. Men have been forbidden to be attracted to women based on their bodies. Those who continue with unreformed attitudes submit to internment and re-education. However, The Movement also struggles to reform women and their ‘old attitudes’.

The Movement’s historian is an unapologetic guard at one of the re-education institutions. She describes The Movement’s beginnings, her own journey, the challenges faced by all and the stakes of the programme. She believes The Movement is nearing its final victory – universal acceptance.

Unapologetic, nuanced, terrifying. Petra Hůlová at her best!
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USA (Worldeditions) titled The Movement, Poland (Afera), Slovenia (Cankarjeva založba), Romania (Curtea Veche), Italy (Atmospehere libri), Hungary (Metropolis Media), Spain (Editorial Funambulista
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