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The Dream Immunity Pact
Jan. 16, 2023
Steven M. Kahan w/ Tim Arnold & Jassy MacKenzie
Fiction: Thriller
Author of HIGH VELOCITY DIGITAL MARKETING and BE A STARTUP SUPERSTAR, Steven M. Kahan brings us, THE DREAM IMMUNITY PACT. Written with two-time NY Times best-selling Author, Tim Arnold, who partnered with James Patterson on THE HOUSE NEXT DOOR and NOONERS, and Jassy Mackenzie, author of PRIVATE GOLD co-written with James Patterson.

Can the wall between a dream and reality be cracked? Can a dreamed killing manifest into reality?
The endless barrage of disturbing stories from the 24/7 news cycle makes a driven a journalist, Savannah Newman Ryder, suffer from chronic nightmares. In her dreams, Savannah is attacked by evil, high-profile men from the real world. Her nightmares and reality intertwine to the extent they are no longer decipherable. Savannah is losing her mind and her happy life, and she must figure out how to stop it. The fine line between dreams and reality can only be discovered when the despotic source is abolished. Will Savannah beat the controlling powers over her depleting sanity long enough to find the answers she needs to end her mental hell?
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Between Kahan and the co-authors, they have 8 books that have been published (3 with James Patterson).
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