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These Broken Roads; Scammed and Vindicated: One Woman's Story
Jan. 18, 2023
Donna Hayes
Non-fiction: Memoir
Donna Hayes had fortitude and smarts. She’d already survived so much. Andnow she was at the top of her game, thriving in New York City no less. Her career was soaring on Wall Street and she was starring in her own one-woman shows off Broadway. To be scammed by a man she had met on a dating app, someone she thought she would marry, shocked and shamed her. This wasn’t the way it was supposed to be. In Jamaica as a child, death had come for Hayes three times. Each time she survived it and her beloved grandma reminded her that God had her back, that she was destined for greatness. Yet, in the poverty and loneliness of her childhood, it was hard to believe. Every day she dreamed of going to America and joining her birth family, never understanding why she had been left behind.

When she was 14, her mother finally sent for her. Donna’s elation was soon offset by the challenges of her new life in America. From her mother’s strict church into an early marriage, single motherhood and a second disastrous
and abusive marriage. When Donna finally escaped, she vowed to never again subject herself to relationships and people who harmed her. For the next eight years, she remained single as her career flourished and she became financially stable. The horrors of her past were finally behind her.

Then Hayes met the man of her dreams, Javier De Leon, on a dating website and they became inseparable, spending almost every weekend together. Before long, their love was undeniable, he proposed and tattooed her initials in large bold letters across his chest. Some 18 months and $177,000 later - and only days after he moved into her Upper East
Side apartment, it all fell apart. Hayes learned that it was a well calculated ruse. The relationship was real only to her. De Leon and his accomplices, his cousin and “real” girlfriend, had had her as a target from the beginning. She was the victim of a romance/real estate scam (complete with a body in a coffin), perpetrated by a career criminal and ex-con from The Bronx. Suddenly, her reputation, Wall Street career, and financial independence that had taken years to build were at risk and so was her ability to trust herself. This is the story of how that woman rose yet again to find and retain her power, making the scam and her choice of De Leon the last run along the broken roads of her past.
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Release date August 2023. Manuscript Available.
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