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A Planet on a Hill
Jan. 10, 2023
M.T. Sheeder
Fiction: General/Other
It is 1965. Mankind has never been to space. FORD MORNOE (26), a shy and disconnected man without many friends, suddenly finds himself at the centre of the world’s attention when he receives a message in a bottle from Earth’s neighbouring planet Orda, inviting him to a historic meeting in space, one year from the day. Ford, now bound to become an “ambassador to mankind”, is detained for a year in a camp called Goodwill Park, where he is grafted into a group of unlikely friends.

Meanwhile, ELLE DAVIS (42), a secondary school maths teacher who fears the meeting between the two planets will lead to a repeat of colonialism and the crusades, joins an eccentric elderly couple who’ve come up with a hair-brained scheme to sabotage the launch. Elle’s integrity, honesty and stance on nonviolence take her on a long and dangerous journey, from her little terraced house all the way to outer space where she, extreme odds and benevolent patriarchy notwithstanding, manages to throw a mighty big spanner into the works of history.
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