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The Pearl Effect: The Magic of Flourishing through Oppression
Jan. 3, 2023
Frank Jackson
Non-fiction: General/Other
The Pearl Effect is a scientific and historical examination of the Black community's ability to flourish despite the presence of ongoing oppression. Using pillars positive psychology, the science of wellbeing, this book redefines wellbeing for a community long misrepresented. The trauma of ongoing oppression is challenging and scary, triggering and haunting. However, there is beauty there too. Real living is nuanced, and flourishing is rooted in the details. Flourish is a directional word - out and up. Growth is multidimensional - and the beauty is that the pain isn’t all there is. The Pearl Effect is a human story. It’s one of growth and grace from a strength-based perspective, a mirror that reveals and introduces a community back to themselves. It’s resilience with the heart intact. It’s an ancestral pull, an internal push for listeners to see themselves defined - not by their scars or oppression, but by their spirits.
Frank Jackson
phone: 2159900301
PO Box 4084, Philadelphia, PA 19118
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