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Agony to Agony
Nov. 16, 2022
Patrick Yay
Non-fiction: Biography
Patrick was born a Burmese national born in Burma at the end of World War 2. He lived up to 1977 in Burma, Myanmar, was educated in Medicine, exiled to Great Britain practiced medicine as a Paediatric Surgeon, and served in 5 University Hospitals. Later part, he changed his career to a Psychiatrist in 2009 and retired from St. Thomas Hospital, under Kings College University of London.

He was inspired by the classic writer's Grand Masters in Arts and Classical Music Composers. He always wanted to write like them, paint like them but his career in the medical field hindered him to commence when he was young in university although he was writing many poems then. In politics, he was inspired by people like Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, and Mahatma Gandhi.

However, his desire never ceased and triggered his determination to write this book on the 7th of July 1962, as a university student witnessed the slaughter of his friends in front of him during the protest for Democracy against the Brutally Ruthless Military Regime under General Ne Win. It was the first-ever protest for Democracy for the country after Ne Win took the power from the democratically elected government in March 1962. Since that time the pain and hatred against the cruel army senior officers of Burma never went away and till today exists causing severe Agony even after 59 years in his heart.

He wrote this book after 22 years of waiting since the 1980s although he had few offers from New York publishers and was encouraged by some members of Amnesty International to write. Due to the high risk and the safety of his family left in his country he withheld himself till 2018.
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Patrick's ambition in writing this book is not for Glory, Fame, and Fortune but merely for the sake of the Truth, nothing but the Truth to tell the world through his personal experiences despite the journey being too long in Agony facing the severe corruption and cruelty not only in the Military Junta but also in the high officials, even in the medical world including the professors, senior teachers in the medical colleges.

He became scared that if continue to live in his own country he would become corrupted himself and or be arrested like his younger brother, and uncle who was finally killed in the prison by Ne Win Regime. It was not only for the sake of his safety and freedom but also for the future of his children to live in a democratic world with better freedom of human rights, free from the mind of corruption.
As a Psychiatrist specializing in Addiction, he went back to Burma to help the nation with Heroin Addiction and other drug problems. Although Prime Minister General Khin Nyunt accepted him and was helped by the Home Office Minister he could not proceed due to their lack of knowledge and lack of vision with rigid useless rules which was the same problem before with the United Nations Advisor.

He had no choice but to give up and was confined to his survival in Britain.
In his life, the pains and agony have been intolerable but he survives and find a way to live supporting his family in the UK.

As he used to play sports – football and basketball in the school team he continue to find fun in the sports; playing tennis and golf as much as he can when he arrive in Britain.

Travelling is one of his passion not just as a tourist but as an explorer for the collection of knowledge. Most of the time his holiday journeys are for art. In the beginning, painting was like a hobby to escape from his internal turmoil but eventually, he progressed to the level of International Artist. He had done many art exhibitions more than 20 including many solo shows particularly in Kyiv, Ukraine, - Changsha city, the Capital of Hunan Province, China:-Venice,-Hungary- Slovenia, etc.
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