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Unraveling the Dark
Nov. 15, 2022
Alejandro Leopardi
Fiction: Mystery/Crime
From the screenplay writer of the award-winning WE--Alejandro Leopardi brings us UNRAVELING THE DARK--Running for his life, Matt Garcia is cornered in a basement and fearing the worst. Dark figures draw closer to him, the end just about inevitable. He left Washington, DC a year earlier to escape his old life, to forget the unattainable Jenny Liau. Except his new life proves more dangerous than he could’ve imagined. Two sinister doctors masquerading as researchers studying how music and the brain work, take Matt on as a research assistant at The Institute of Neuroscience Research (INR) in San Diego. He’s supposed to help find participants for their experiments, an easy job that allows him to explore a new path in life. It turns into a nightmare where he’s the unwitting villain. Disappearances become a common occurrence, some seemingly connected to INR, many, he fears, attributed to him. Now it’s up to Matt to uncover the truth behind INR’s experiments to save not only himself, but others who’ve been hurt or soon will be.
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The feature film, We, for which Alejandro Leopardi wrote the screenplay, has won 39 festival awards and is currently streaming on several platforms. His short story, “Sunnyville,” is published in the Sci-Fi anthology, Alien Aberrations. Alejandro Leopardi has an M.A. English and a B.A. in Communication Studies. For the last ten years he has been teaching literature and composition at Montgomery College in Maryland.
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