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Nov. 21, 2022
Mackenzy Fox
Fiction: General/Other
I’m not meaning to get involved, really it’s not my fault. I’m the Sergeant at Arms of Bracken Ridge Rebels M.C. and it’s my job to look out for the club, ensure ongoing safety and above all else refrain from violence, where absolutely necessary. I don’t do anything by halves. But that’s before Sienna Morgan waltzed into town acting like she owns the place, and now she does, well the clubhouse at least. One minute I’m sent to extract an offer to give us back what’s rightfully ours, the next she’s on the back of my sled and I’m about to lose my mind. I don’t do romance and I’m not looking for an ol’ lady, but that’s all about to change. I don’t mean to make her mine, but then again, rules are meant to be broken and I’m on the right side of wrong.
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