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Crip Up the Kitchen: Tools, Tips and Recipes for the Disabled Cook
Oct. 7, 2022
Jules Sherred
Non-fiction: Food/Beverage
A comprehensive guide and recipe collection that brings the economy and satisfaction of home cooking to disabled and neurodivergent cooks.

Organized from least to greatest effort (or from 1 to "all your spoons," for spoonies) and with 50 recipes that make use of three key tools--the electric pressure cooker, air fryer, and bread machine--Jules has set out to make the kitchen accessible and enjoyable. The book includes pantry prep, meal planning, shopping guides, kitchen organization plans, and tips for cooking safely when disabled, all taking into account varying physical abilities and energy levels. Jules also provides a step-by-step guide to safe canning and a template for prepping your freezer and pantry for post-surgery. With rich accompanying photography and food histories, complete nutritional information and methods developed specifically for the disabled and neurodivergent cook, Crip Up the Kitchen is at once inviting, comprehensive, and accessible. If you've craved the economy and satisfaction of cooking at home but been turned off by the ableist approach of most cookbooks--this one's for you!
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