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ALL AMERICAN: The Heroes Who Shaped the United States and Changed the Course of World History
Oct. 6, 2022
Carl Higbie
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ALL AMERICAN: The Heroes Who Shaped the United States and Changed the Course of World History is the definitive collection of the REAL heroes of American history – some famous, some forgotten; some known, some you might never have heard of – who made the United States into the greatest country in all of human history and changed the world for the better.

We are all born ordinary and for those fortunate ones: AMERICAN. Here are the stories of your neighbor, family member, and some people you do not even know: the ordinary people who make-up the fabric of the United States of America, and make this an extraordinary country. Their stores have made them heroes and legends, and uplifted a nation. Profiles will include Founding Fathers, military leaders, unsung heroes, the business people who made America great, the overachievers in sports, culture and exploration, and those political leaders who defied the odds and won!

Carl Higbie, Navy SEAL, successful entrepreneur and author, advisor to a President and host of Newsmax’s Saturday Report with Carl Higbie, delivers a passionate description of the real American heroes the mainstream media has forgotten, what it takes to succeed and what it means to be ALL AMERICAN!
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