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INVEST LIKE AN INSIDER: Time the Market and Win!
Oct. 4, 2022
Jonathan Moreland
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As author of the popular investing newsletter, “Invest with the Insiders,” Jonathan Moreland has never to be amazed by the poor financial market investing advice given by so-called financial market “experts”, including Financial Advisors at securities brokerage firms, registered investment advisors (“RIA”), Wall Street economist and many financial market newsletter companies.

Although the vast major of experts claim on a regular and frequent basis that “nobody can accurately time the stock market” and that financial market participants should invest at all times in broadly diversified portfolios of stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate investment trusts (“REITs”) and precious metals, he has found over his more than 35 years of investing, speculating and trading in the financial markets that one can accurately time the market – get into and out of stocks near market bottoms and peaks – and that one can generate substantially greater returns by investing in the better reward-to-risk asset classes and economic sectors at the most favorable times.

Moreland has also found that one can generate substantially greater financial mar investment returns by investing primarily in stocks of relatively small companies that are growing their revenues and earnings at fast rates instead of investing primarily in stocks of large companies.

In TRADE LIKE AN INSIDER, Moreland will show experienced and new investors how they can also accurately time the market, and invest in the right securities at the right times and therefore avoid the big downturns and profit from the major upturns in the worldwide financial markets.
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