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Quantum Planet
Sept. 27, 2022
Elsie Daringer
Fiction: Debut
Looking for representation for my 110,000 suspense novel. This is a work of fiction.

Dr. James Andersons dream has always been to create a satellite that could help with the earth’s climate. When James receives an email warning him to stop his project, he takes it literally. With a gut feeling, he makes sure he has a way to get his daughter a clue should something happen to him. Once James is abducted his journey begins.

Nicki Anderson is home with a friend waiting on her father’s return. Her father should have been home before her and now Nicki fears something has happened. With the help of her aunt who is an agent with the FBI and her two best friends, Nicki embarks on a mission to find a clue. When she hears of a package sent by her dad to their vacation home, she knows that it must contain something specific for her to figure out. This leads Nicki on a one-of-a-kind journey that is out of this world.
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This novel will appeal to anyone with an interest in science, weather, technology, suspense, crime, mystical beings, computers, etc.
Novel crosses a lot of genres. Contains lots of dialogue.
Elsie Daringer
68601 Everwood Ct, Cathedral City, Ca 92234
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