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Burden of Doubt
Sept. 22, 2022
Liane Carmen
Fiction: Debut
It’s as if The Holdout by Graham Moore met All Good People Here by Ashley Flowers in an Anne Rule book.
She’d kill to be on a jury …
Maggie Turner, newly divorced and stuck in a dead-end job, is secretly thrilled when she’s chosen as a juror on a murder trial. During deliberations, she’s the lone guilty vote. With insights gleaned from a steady diet of true crime television, she argues how she believes the murder happened. The other jurors won’t budge.
She returns to her mundane existence, convinced she helped set a murderer free. Then, after a chance encounter with the victim’s sister, Maggie realizes she can’t let the verdict go. With visions of hosting a podcast about the case, she and another true crime addict begin their own investigation.
As the pieces fall into place, Maggie finds herself in a cat and mouse game with a killer who’ll stop at nothing to keep her from revealing the truth. When he makes her family his next target, she’s determined another jury will get an airtight case to lock him up for good.
She’ll catch him committing another murder—hers.
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