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Sept. 21, 2022
Cory Gunkel
Fiction: Literary
I'm delighted to share THE THINGS WE LOST, a 70,000-word literary fiction crime novel that showcases the deadly spiral of a person lost in a tornado of their own nostalgia.

Taylor Robins was more famous than the president in his hometown at the age of 17.

But now, in his early 30s, the former boyhood football wonder is just another fattened Biloxi blowhard grasping desperately to his own past. At a chance blackjack game, Taylor meets Charles De Charneaux, a high-ranking Dixie Mafia lackey who fondly remembers Taylor from his high school glory days. The two strike up a quick friendship and Charles slowly indoctrinates Taylor into the seedy underbelly of the Cornbread Cosa Nostra.

Taylor becomes intertwined with the unorganized crime syndicate while simultaneously trying to carve out a hapless political career to recapture his dying relevancy. What starts as simply collecting money orders for Charles soon morphs into backwards high-speed highway chases and traveling carnival mime murder as Taylor tumbles deeper into the group.

But when Charles asks Taylor to do the unthinkable, the former star must contemplate just how far he’s willing to go to soak up that feeling of invincibility that once sluiced through his veins. An accidental run-in with his potential victim forces Taylor to make a final decision: let fear envelop his being, or let it be a guide to get out of the Dixie Mafia for good.

This darkly comedic, Coen brothers-esque thriller highlights both the absurdity and terror of grasping at relevancy in a world that slowly forgets you exist. It's a modern Southern Gothic set in an ephemeral and underexplored Gulf Coast world that explodes into life amid the tension of moving on for good or getting sucked into your past for eternity.
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