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Moon City
Sept. 21, 2022
Lily Soltani
Fiction: Debut
Moon City is pitched as The Kite Runner meets Jar City.

Moving back to Iran wasn’t just a mistake—it was murder.
Arman, a university professor, returns to Moon City after living in Canada for nearly three decades. He refused to listen to his stepson about returning to Iran, his home country. Initially, Arman is recharged and happy with the chance to connect with his sister and his best friend’s widow. But then he leaves Bryan a message that he was right—moving to Iran was a mistake.
The next day, Arman’s body is found.
Bryan travels to Moon City to discover the truth about Arman’s murder. Needing help to navigate this new world and culture, Bryan enlists the help of Navid, a man who knew his stepdad.
Navid and Bryan, each for different reasons, team up to peel away Arman’s past layers to identify his murderer. Navid must dig into Moon City’s hidden past to uncover the involvement of the locals, including the women who knew Arman best. For Bryan, unraveling Arman’s mysterious life and death is stepping into a world he knew only at a distance.
What Navid and Bryan discover reveals a history that haunts Moon City, a woman bent on revenge and an unexpected murderer.
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Lily Soltani is an Iranian-Canadian literary fiction author and poet.
Her poems have been published in literary magazines such as Strange Horizons. Her first novel, Zulaikha, was 2019 short-listed in 2019 with Guernica Literary Award and will be published in 2023 by Inanna Publications. Her novella, A Love Affair with Detroit, will be published in 2023 by Urban Farmhouse Press. Lily is also a crime fiction and film noir enthusiast, and Moon City is her first crime fiction set in Iran. She lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and works as a supply chain specialist in the power and energy sector.
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