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CRUSHED: Big Tech's War on Free Speech with a Foreword by Senator Ted Cruz
Sept. 15, 2022
Ken Buck
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"Big Tech poses the single greatest threat to free speech and democracy in our country. My friend Ken Buck has assembled a must-read dossier that lays out the enormous dangers we face as a nation right now." — Senator Ted Cruz


“No one—conservative or liberal—should be comfortable with a few Silicon Valley oligarchs having a monopoly over the marketplace of ideas, and with it, democracy itself.”
— From the Introduction to CRUSHED

When the Founding Fathers drafted our Constitution, they had no idea there would be a “Big Tech” – nor any concept of the immense power these companies would wield over our people. But the Fathers did provide mechanisms -- a system of check and balances -- for the people to stop dangerous monopolies like Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon from suffocating our business and political life. Few know more about these mechanisms than Rep. Ken Buck, who has been a leader in Congress fighting against the unchecked power of Big Tech.

In CRUSHED: Big Tech’s War on Free Speech, Buck exposes the bullying and predatory behavior from the Big Tech giants who have used their technologies and their unbelievable market shares to stifle commerce and censor free speech. He spells out the inside details of how these companies restrict free markets, stop competition, increase prices, and ultimately hurt consumers. Even worse, Big Tech companies like Google, Twitter, and Facebook are actively censoring conservative news and views, as they openly manipulate information provided to voters. Ken Buck shows how these tech giants are true monopolies and their concentrated power pose a serious danger for our democracy.

In contrast to the robber barons of the Gilded Age who posed simply a threat to commerce, Big Tech threatens the very core of our political system. They control the flow of information shared with the public for their own financial and political gain. Finally, in CRUSHED, Ken Buck argues that while Americans are under siege by Big Tech, we are not destroyed. We can still take on Big tech, fight back and even win. The future of our nation depends on it, he says.

"This book arrives resounding like a five-alarm warning and explains the threats we face in great detail." — Senator Ted Cruz
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