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Inside Outside
Sept. 8, 2022
Faye Arcand
Fiction: Debut
If "The Woman in the Window" were to meet "The Light Between Oceans," you'd have "Inside Outside," the new novel by Faye Arcand.
Everyone has secrets, but how they’re woven through the tendrils of the past affects future relationships. Those secrets lay in wait to seep into the consciousness of the present.
Leslie Richter and Selena Hernandez both have secrets. Life hasn’t been easy or kind to either of them. Leslie is in the middle of a nasty divorce because her husband got another woman pregnant—while she was on fertility treatments at the time. Selena, a high school student, is sucked into the high-drama of dating the wrong guy while also trying to protect her little sisters from their salacious stepfather.
Emotionally charged to the brink, Leslie and Selena are brought together as their lives unravel. Murder, suspicion, pregnancy, and a mysterious envelope will either bring them together as a family or tear them apart as they sink into the oblivion of their own truth.
How can anyone embrace the present while clutching to the pain of the past—especially when that pain came from their own mother?
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