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The Woman in the Woods
Sept. 6, 2022
Jonas Saul
Fiction: General/Other
If The Haunting of Hill House met The Shining, with a sprinkle of Midnight Voices, you’d have The Woman in the Woods.
Something is wrong—horribly wrong—in the deep woods of Oregon.
People age at accelerated rates, then disappear. Hundreds of disappearances have occurred in the area for decades—a veritable Bermuda Triangle on land. Even the authorities sent in to investigate the disappearances have gone missing. After that, the government stepped in and fenced off the entire area.
But when a group of four strangers miss their train and wander onto the site searching for shelter, they discover what was left behind. After one of their four goes missing, they decide to leave the area. Something’s toying with them, something ancient and malicious, and it doesn’t want them to leave.
It’s wise enough to understand them and powerful enough to control them.
It’s also hungry, and it needs to be satiated.
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Jonas Saul is the bestselling author of the Sarah Roberts Series and has written and published nearly fifty thrillers. After selling several million books, he signed a deal with Mad River Pictures.
He’s the editor-in-chief at Imagine Press Inc. and is regularly invited to be a guest speaker, teacher, and workshop presenter at international writing conferences and film festivals worldwide. He’s also an active member of International Thriller Writers Inc.

"Saul knows how to ratchet up the tension and keep pages turning …” ~Publishers Weekly
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