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Surviving the Forest (World War II Brave Women Fiction)
Sept. 1, 2022
Adiva Geffen
Fiction: Literary
A consistent Amazon bestseller for over 3 years, "Surviving the Forest" is a powerful tribute to love and resilience and the captivating account of a woman’s strength, based on a true story.

Five shots on Saturday morning change their fate forever…

Poland, 1939. Shurka is a happy young woman who lives a fairy tale life with her beloved husband and their two young children, in a pretty house in a village in Poland.
She believes that nothing can hurt them. Or so she thinks…

Then, World War II breaks out and the happy family quickly understands that their happiness has come to a brutal end. The family is forced to flee their house and find shelter in a neighboring ghetto, where they come to realized that the Gestapo is taking Jews away on trucks every night, never to be seen again.

The family makes a brave and difficult choice to flee to the dark forest. There, surrounded by animals, they know that this is their only chance of escaping the real beasts. They have no idea what will await them, but they know that doing nothing is not an option if they wish to survive.
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Dutch, Czech, German, Simplified Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish
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Poland, UK, USA, Romania, Hungary, Sri-Lanka
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Adiva Geffen is the bestselling author of Surviving the Forest, the epic historical novel based on a true Holocaust survival story which has remained at the very top of Amazon’s bestseller list for many months. The book was republished by Penguin under the name Surviving the War. The Jewish War Sister is her most recent book, and it, too, brings to life a story from one of the darkest times in human history.
Adiva began her career as a special-ed teacher. After leaving the field of education, she served as the spokesperson for the Israeli National Theater for more than a decade. She founded and subsequently led the Israeli Theater Award Institution for 10 years. Born in Haifa and a mother of three sons, Geffen now lives in Tel Aviv, Israel, with her partner Aharon Meidan.
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