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Seeking Soteria: Being in Process
Aug. 18, 2022
Eugene R. Larkin
Non-fiction: Memoir
SEEKING SOTERIA: BEING IN PROCESS is a seventy thousand word completed memoir.

Soteria House (Greek-Deliverance) was a NIMH-funded research program loosely based on
R. D. Laing’s Kingsley Hall anti-psychiatry model. The goal of the research was to measure the
effectiveness of treating young adults, diagnosed as acutely schizophrenic and in need of
hospitalization, in a community residential setting without the use of psychoactive drugs.

Measured outcomes and follow up interviews, over eight years, showed it to be a significantly
more effective and humane treatment model than the control groups, which had been
hospitalized and heavily medicated.

The large pharmaceutical companies lobbied strongly against this non-medical model treatment.
Like the tobacco and oil industries before them, they funded research to specifically disprove the
results. They failed.

Today, Soteria House has become the generic term for this mode of treatment for the diagnosed
mentally ill. There are twelve Soteria Houses in Israel. In addition, there are Soteria Houses in
Sweden, Italy, Great Britain and the United States.

I was directly involved in the original Soteria House in 1971, first as a volunteer and then as
staff. In 1974, I established and was the Program Director of Emanon, the NIMH-funded
replication study of Soteria.

This book is the personal story of how I came to Soteria House after two years in the Peace
Corps. It tells how to be with madness, in all its forms, on a daily basis, and how such an intense,
emotional involvement impacted and enhanced my life.
The book deals directly and clearly with one of todays most relevant and shameful topics,
the abhorrent and completely inadequate treatment of the mentally ill.
An abbreviated chapter from this book is included in the recently published
Press, Critical Psychiatry and Critical Psychology) Eric Maisel and Chuck Ruby, editors.

The first three chapters highlight the events that were most important in preparing me for my
involvement with Soteria. Three chapters detail my personal interactions with specific residents
in their (and my) progress and process through the program. An additional chapter is the full
transcription of my exit interview with Alma Menn, the co-founder of Soteria House, conducted
in 1972.
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