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Smoke Before Fire
Aug. 15, 2022
Megan Baxter
Fiction: Debut
A debut novel from author Megan Baxter whose book 'Farm Girl' was praised by New York Times Best-Selling author Jodi Picoult as “a startlingly lovely memoir”. Smoke Before Fire is a modern New England gothic that sets fire to the patriarchy. Rose, a misfit 17-year-old, thinks she knows her way around the sounds that can spook a girl in a strange house. But when the new family she’s babysitting for takes her on a tour of their historic home she knows that something isn’t right. And it's not just the house. Daryl and his wife Katherine are too good to be true. Both are successful professors at the Ivy League in town, and from out of state - utterly different from Rose's rural, working-class background. But the two women have more in common than they think. Rose and Katherine can’t figure out whether they are seeing things in the house or if they are going insane. Daryl flames the fire of ever-increasing risk between the couple and their new babysitter while beneath it all the house seems to have its own motives, driving them all towards a final, devastating resolution. 55,000 words. Complete. Fiction, debut, up-market, women's lit, psychological thriller.
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