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Housewife Assassin: The Woman Who Tried to Kill President Ford (tv/film offering)
Aug. 10, 2022
Geri Spieler, author and journalist
Non-fiction: True crime
Sara Jane Moore was a despondent housewife searching for an escape from her stale, suburban life as a mother and homemaker, only to seek her independence through the unlikeliest of decisions...planning to assassinate President Ford. At the beginning of 1974, she was a Suzy Homemaker housewife to a successful doctor, mother to her son, and a model “Reagan boosting” country club member. By 1975, she becomes the only woman ever to fire a bullet at a sitting president. Like a twisted, real-life version of Forrest Gump, Sara Jane’s volunteering leads to working with most of the significant historical players in the war between the Feds and San Francisco’s radical underground by becoming one of the trusted confidants of both the Hearsts and the Extremists. Only then does she get the most unlikely call of all: an invitation into the FBI.
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To be published in Feb. 2023
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