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July 21, 2022
GG Wilder
Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Patriots of the Arq is a military sci-fi novel set in 2062.

The book is ready to publish. It's been professionally edited by best-selling NY Times Author Philip Athans, comes with a cover and a website (www.potarq.com) and the author has a marketing background and funds to help find an audience.

The only thing missing is a qualified agent.


Hale is the son of a billionaire – an architect who constructed a giant floating city called the Arq.The legions of poor Americans however, feel excluded, and the seastead quickly becomes a symbol for the grotesque inequalities on the mainland.

It escalates when the populist storm the Arq, and thousands die. Now the President is forced to nationalize the hated island to keep the country from fracturing even further.

Hale and his father still make it to the Arq under false names. But when the father is discovered and has to flee, the son is left in the care of his bodyguard.

Yet the Arq wasn’t the libertarian haven the father had in mind. The populists hold a tyrannical sway over the island, forcing the President to send a special taskforce, called the Sentinels. Their leader, Maes, quickly takes control. Several states secede, and the United States dissolves after a short civil war. Maes decides to declare independence and buff his armed forces by conscripting the youth.

Hale answers his call, surviving a brutal training regimen to become a Sentinel himself. But as he climbs the ranks, he discovers that Maes has replaced the tyranny of the mob with the tyranny of one, and he decides to kill the man that plans to conquer the Pacific.
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