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July 12, 2022
Juli A. Herren
Fiction: Debut
Reminders of Him meets Get Shorty in THAT SIZZLING SOUND, a nuanced exploration of psychological trauma, a brisk page-turner, and an examination of the power-—and the limits-—of love.

The pace is fast. Book club potential is strong.

Readers crave happy endings, and this novel lands them.
Readers expect strong characters with whom they can identify, and this novel delivers.
Readers want love relationships that ring true, and this novel has a heaping plenty.

My experience as a digital content designer, combined with my experience as a female citizen of this country, fuels concise, propulsive copy that packs a punch; in this ms (116,000), the average sentence length is seven words. Expect a poignant story delivered in delicious, snackable chapters.

This women's contemporary fiction debut is set in 2017 in the American South, where systemic violence still leaves enduring wounds. THAT SIZZLING SOUND follows two women’s search for justice in a world that seems determined to see them fail. Expect the devil’s joyride, with an angel at the helm.
Juli Herren
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