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Edge of Time
July 12, 2022
David Darling
Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
FBI Agent Brad Holman and a farmer from the 1700s attempt to stop a black hole from destroying the planet while adjusting to the perils of time travel.

Agent Holman has been chosen to investigate the theft of a three-hundred-year-old meteorite fragment from Fort Knox. The more Agent Holman digs, the more he becomes embroiled in a conspiracy kept secret by every president since the formation of the United States.
The reason? This meteorite fragment offers the holder the ability to alter time.
As Holman draws closer to the truth, it’s clear he’s out of his depth—both in terms of the powers at play and his understanding of the very fabric of the universe.
Thrown into a race against time to save all life on Earth, Holman must unravel the mysteries of time itself—and not lose his mind in the process.
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