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Avitron: Ephemeris
June 30, 2022
Joshua Dyer
Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
In a high-tech world where magic and machines collide, inexperienced thief Brayden steals from the controlling cyborg race to ensure his friends’ survival. But when he steals a relic of the Avitron, an ancient machine whose perpetual energy holds the power to free his people from cyborg rule, the fabric of Brayden’s reality unravels.

Brayden is a Catalyst—the one living person who can activate the Avitron—and freedom for the world lies in the secrets of an enigmatic past that isn’t his own. The tyrannous cyborgs would prefer the Avitron and its components be destroyed; beating them to the Avitron will take every ounce of conviction Brayden and his miscreant friends can muster. Now, Brayden’s life teeters on the edge of his willingness not just to face the truths of his past, but also to make an impossible choice. The Avitron requires a human sacrifice and Brayden must choose between his new love and the best friend that betrayed him.
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