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Assignment Potsdam; Countdown To War
June 22, 2022
Charlie FitzGerald
Fiction: Thriller
In this soon-to-be a classic Cold War thriller, new author Charlie Fitzgerald creates a story unmatched by any other suspense fiction writer. With an amazing knowledge of post-WW2 espionage history, the author presents a historically accurate story and high suspense tale that captures the true essence of the cloak and dagger world of East Berlin in 1961. Soon to earn international acclaim, Assignment Potsdam; Countdown To War brings into the open, a shadowy world of the CIA, the Stasi and the fight against the spread of communism. Colonel “Mac” McDesmond has just taken over USMLM, the overt military spy group located inside East Berlin. While trying to deal with a wife who is a raging alcoholic and protect his kids from the dysfunction that defines substance abuse, Mac must find out who abducted a beautiful U.S. Army senior Staff Sergeant, help a local East German cop catch a serial killer, locate 5 missing CIA operatives sent behind the Iron Curtain and help the Soviet CINC prevent the assassination of Nikita Khrushchev. A “can’t put it down” spy thriller. Think "Bridge of Spies" on steroids. Great read!!
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Charlie FitzGerald
Self published; looking for traditional publisher
phone: (703) 401-2766
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