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Els estranys (The Others)
June 13, 2022
Raül Garrigasait
International rights
An irreverent yet poignant novel. Its central character is a young Prussian man who crosses Europe to fight for the Carlists in Spain. Though set largely during a war in the early nineteenth century, The Others shines in its ruminations on humanity which echo as true today as ever. Alternating between the present and the past, the book takes us on a journey to the centre of the strangeness we all carry inside ourselves. This work speaks to travel, the condition of being an outsider, the nature of conflict and the root of ideologies and power.
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All except: Catalan, Spanish, English, Persian, Galician
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Catalan, Spanish, English, Persian, Galician
Other Information:
- Omnium Award 2017 for Novel
- Booksellers Award 2017
- Text in English available.
- Text in Spanish available.
Bernat Fiol
SalmaiaLit, Literary Agency
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