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One Last Great American Road Trip
Apr. 23, 2022
Lance Ryder
Fiction: Debut
Rita Gentry, a free-spirited 63-year old divorcee, is murdered at the hands of Tommy Lee and Bobbi Jo McHeath, a gristly ex-con with a gambling problem and his willowy wife of ten troubled years. They are pursued by Det. Michaeljohn Sweetwater of the Navajo County Sheriff Department, a mountain of a man putting the puzzle pieces together and bringing the killers to justice. Bobbi Jo has endured a decade of psychological, physical and sexual abuse, but will she survive nation-wide notoriety and the climactic SWAT standoff? Or has the irredeemable Tommy Lee slipped too far into madness?

Timely, compelling and populated with a cast of indelibly rendered characters, One Last Great American Road Trip is a fictional oral history inspired by true events. The quixotic cross-country trek from Flagstaff, AZ to Syracuse, NY explores themes of white supremacy, aboriginal genocide, political corruption, racial injustice and mass incarceration. WORD COUNT: 90,710
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Lance Ryder
San Diego, CA
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