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The Day I Died
Apr. 20, 2022
Glen Peters
Fiction: Mystery/Crime
Veteran Welsh crime writer Glen Peters (Lucknow Ransom, The Shaitan of Calcutta) with THE DAY I DIED narrated by the beautiful Ceri who escapes from Wales to Goa on India’s West coast to ‘find herself.’ She is groomed by the Beachboys who run a lounge on the beach. Wanting to muscle in on the lucrative sex and drugs trade that mass tourism brings in its wake are the Ukes, a gang of displaced Ukrainians from Kiev. While foreign tourists enjoy an intoxicated Hippie-style world of sex and sand, the Beachboys headed by Scorpio and the Ukes headed by Vlad fight for control of the turf. Crossing gang lines, Ceri falls for Vlad’s son Igor, who is trying to distance himself from his criminal father. The Day I Died is a Romeo and Juliet-style story in which Ceri and Igor’s forbidden romance unleashes a spiral of murder and betrayal. With startling twists and turns, the action races to a shattering conclusion.
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