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Apr. 16, 2022
Abdulrahman M. AlBassam
Fiction: General/Other
Inspired by real historical events, Noble is a novel that tells a remarkable, yet seldom known tale of a nation in the making and the making of a king. A story of war, peace, conflict, betrayal and love that has its events just over a hundred years ago, yet it feels like a fairytale of ancient warriors and epical journeys. A story that if you managed to see through the unfamiliar looks, wardrobe or language, you might just find it very familiar.

A first by all means; it may be one of the first fictions ever written by a Saudi, for the Western audience and about the untold story of the seldom known and very personal story of Saudi Arabia.

If you like history, this is a book where you will meet real WWI heroes who no one knew about, warfare strategy where there is no fog of war, and Bronze Age civilization in the twentieth century AD. If you like Western, this is a story of the Wild Wild East. And if you like fantasy, this is a world of epic battles and sword bearing champions; of pearler dhows and merchants of the Incense Trail, and of the abysmal Empty Quarter and the half-goblin men.
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The book is written to western reader standard in terms of size and structure. The sequel to the book is already fully drafted and is ready to be examined as well. Between the book and its sequel, over 120,000 words have been written

The author has already outlined the idea for the prequel story of the book and believes that
the history of the Saudi Nation offers a wealth of story telling that could potentially generate
a franchise.
Abdulrahman Al Bassam
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