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Aquellas horas que nos robaron
Jan. 23, 2023
Mónica Castellanos
Fiction: General/Other
These are the days of Franco and Hitler. Among the thousands of refugees from the Spanish Civil War, Guillermina Giralt and Francesc Planchart, two young Catalans, will live one of the most moving stories in their attempt to survive the French internment camp in Aegelès-sur-Mer. But they are not the only ones. Many others will leave their homes facing inhuman conditions in order to preserve the most precious thing they own: their lives. In those uncertain times, a man will rise: the Mexican consul Gilberto Bosques, who risking his life and his family’s, will suffer the arrest at hands of the Gestapo and will go beyond his diplomatic functions for the sake of thousands of people that are suffering the most cruel and harrowing persecution.
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Fernanda Meixueiro
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