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La felicità negata - The Denied Happiness
Apr. 7, 2022
Domenico De Masi
Non-fiction: General/Other
Potentially, today there could be work for all, and less work for all. Potentially, we could
have much more free time. Potentially, we could make leisure and labor peacefully coexist.
Potentially, in point of fact. Because actually, the real situation is different. Today,
fathers often work ten or twelve hours a day while their children stay at home, jobless.
It’s obvious that there is an imbalance and an unfair distribution of work. What can we
do? De Masi proposes that we follow Keynes’ vision and construct a society in which
work will no longer be a burden on the shoulders of the few but, instead, an activity
shared by all. And he proposes that we begin teaching creativity because training people
to be idle will be the science of the future.
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