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Apr. 6, 2022
Kevin St. Jarre
Fiction: General/Other
Genre: Mystery & Suspense, Coming of Age, Sci-Fi Thriller, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Psychological Sci-Fi

Logline: The story of a young woman who returns to Earth, and has aged only 2 years while everyone else has aged 40. A teen from 1984 finds herself in 2022, dealing with personal loss, profound loneliness, and even questioning her sanity- she is plagued by others who see her as dangerous, and menaced by mysterious government forces who are monitoring her, both overtly and from the shadows.

Comps: Fault In Our Stars meets Sightless, with some Interstellar.
Rights available:
Film and TV. International languages.
Rights sold:
English rights, worldwide.
Other Information:
This 330-page novel has been adapted into a screenplay as well. Canadian-American author is multilingual and lived in Europe for years. He is available for events and conferences.
Eddie Vincent
Encircle Publications
phone: 508-951-1996
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