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The Day I Went and Visited My Granny
Apr. 2, 2022
DA WU (text & illustration)
International rights: Children's
When the young kid awoke, he discovered that his grandma was ill and in the hospital, so he decided to pay her a visit on his own. He was terrified because he was worried about her, and he was alone on the road, but the tiny memories he carried with him made him courageous. Simultaneously, the adults who discovered the missing child ran out to look for him. The author describes how a child's psychological actions when he is terrified intersect with reality and imagination. A lovely story of a grandparent and a grandchild's love.

"Companionship appears to be mundane, but it contains unexpected inspiration.
There was a large storm and a nasty lizard on the day I went to see my Granny, but I wasn't terrified.
What helped me was that I had a lot of things to tell my Granny.
Others may not be convinced by what I tell them, but Granny will always believe me!"
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All languages.
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32 pages, 185mm * 258mm, text in Chinese (Simplified), Hardcover.
Publication date: October 2021. For ages 3 and above.
Reviewing material: Chinese full PDF and English translation
Kris Guo
Jade Literary Agency
phone: +86 136 7624 7207
402, Building B, No. 289, Weihai Road, Panyu District, Guangzhou, 511498
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