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Detective Ray Shields and The Mountain of Trial
Apr. 1, 2022
Cyle Tramel
Fiction: General/Other
Ray Shields is just an average private eye. Sure, he’s a little more like your traditional gumshoe than most, but in his line of work, being dedicated to the job is a good thing. Laura is his secretary and, until recently, has been the best one Ray has ever had. She’s never late to work, she keeps his affairs in order, and most importantly, she always has the coffee brewing. Then there’s Eddie, Ray’s partner. He’s a dedicated alcoholic with a troubled past, but he doesn’t let that affect his work. Together, the trio make up the Ray Shields Detective Agency, and the only thing separating the R.S.D.A. from the competition is a rusty chain-link fence. But that’s all about to change. One day Ray receives an unmarked envelope in the mail that prompts an investigation into a case that places him at the center of an age-old prophecy and unravels a secret about Laura that’s long been hidden. Together, the R.S.D.A., with the help of a few made friends along the way, will face a myriad of mythical monsters, hunt for a magical relic powerful enough to stop a maddened cultist, and traverse the arid Atacama Desert to fight an ancient evil known as a Cherufe, all in an attempt to save the world.
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