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Making Meaning: Welcome to a More Fulfilling and Joyful Life
Mar. 29, 2022
Robert H. Lichtenbert
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This book treats eight main ways of making meaning. "Making Meaning" first treats what is meaning (defined as " positive impact "). The book concludes by treating the main issues involved, such as meaning ought to be objective, challenges to it (meaninglessness, nihilism, and extreme relativism), and the meaning of life.

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Bob has taught philosophy for forty years in five states at various colleges such as Loyola and De Paul. (He has also taught Humanities and English.)

Bob published sixty-two issues of his quarterly journal, “The Meaning of Life. “This journal went viral in 1991 when the “Chicago Tribune published an article on it.” It got over 3,400 subscriptions to his journal. Bob then got interviews on major television and radio stations.

Bob earned his M. A. and Ph. D. in philosophy—the only actual Ph. D. Ha! Ha! --on a fellowship from Tulane University in New Orleans. He also earned a B. A. with High Honor in philosophy and the classics on a scholarship from De Paul University. He was very active in student activities and publications, as he was in his high school, De Paul Academy, which was just a block away from the University.

Dr. Lichtenbert was born and raised in Chicago. He now resides there, where he fully partakes of the city’s rich artistic and cultural pursuits. This group has met in various restaurants but now meets in his beautiful bungalow or his bountiful backyard. The Seekers held weekly Dialogues during the entire pandemic. (None of them caught even a sniffle despite the dire warnings from the experts!) Bob has moderated Seekers’ Dialogues to discuss making meaning and practical philosophy for the last twenty-eight years.
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