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L'irrealizzabile - The Unattainable
Mar. 29, 2022
Giorgio Agamben
Non-fiction: General/Other
Without the separation of reality into essence and existence – and into potentiality (dynamis) and act (energeia – neither scientific knowledge nor the ability to control and enduringly direct the human actions that characterize the historical power of the West
would have been possible. If we couldn’t suspend the exclusive concentration of our attention on that which exists at that moment (as animals seem to do), in order to conceive
and define its essence (the “what”), science and Western technology would certainly not
have experienced the development that characterizes them. And if the dimension of potentiality were to completely disappear, neither plans nor projects would be conceivable
and human actions could neither be directed nor controlled. One of the essential premises
of the West’s incomparable power lies in this ontological machinery. By means of a
patient genealogical investigation, the book reconstructs the birth of this founding division of the thing of thought and the process of its successive separation in the philosophy and the politics of the West.
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