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Kurt, Gert, Jazmine, and Bagel: A Halloween Nightmare (For Film)
Mar. 28, 2022
Irene Dolnick
A Halloween Nightmare is an Award Winning book that entwines its readers into the spell of Fate, matching it with the mysteries of Mrs. Tricky’s Candy Shop, Mr. Morton’s Costume Store, and the conversations of ghosts with vampires.

Beware of Mrs. Tricky's hypnotic spell, avoid Mr. Morton's Halloween Costume Store, and whatever you don't enter Mrs. Tricky's Candy Shop! Ask Mr. Jack Patch for a ride to the train, but decide to stay for the tricks and treats! Join Kurt, Gert, Jazmine, and Bagel as they explore the hypnotic eye on their Halloween nightmare adventure in Phoenix! Irene Dolnick has four beagles, whose love is the inspiration behind her creativity and who have taught her that dogs are as adventurous as people. Irene lives in El Paso, Texas. a warm climate that allows her to share in the dogs' craziest schemes.

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Kurt-Gert-Jazmine-Bagel-Halloween-ebook/dp/B085NJHRNT/ref=monarch_sidesheet
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Irene Dolnick lives in El Paso, Texas with her daughter and her five mischievous Beagles. She loves to travel, try new restaurants, and watch classic movies. With a Master’s degree in Reading and Literacy, she works as a substitute teacher for all grade levels. Seeing that a lot of the students struggled to read, pronounce high frequency words and divide words into syllables she became inspired to write. With the help of her five beagle antics, she developed the desire to share some of their adventures in a children's book. This idea incorporated the beginning reading process with an introduction or review of high-frequency words, phonograms, whole words, and pronunciation all molded into a storyline for beginning and struggling readers.
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