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Forged Reality
Mar. 24, 2022
Kristen Smith
Digital: Fiction: Horror
Awaking to find herself in a coffin-shaped capsule on an alien and dying planet, Samantha discovers that her abductors have perished, and she is utterly alone. As she explores, she comes to find out that the aliens used those they abducted as entertainment, watching their dreams and nightmares.
Mahlax, the alien who abducted her, took pity on Samantha and prepared a way for her to survive. She must program a new life and then re-enter the capsule. While the computer programs her new life, she finds the stories and watches them as she waits. Each story she comes across is exciting, bizarre, or creepy, but it helps her pass the time until she can enter her Forged Reality.

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Kristen Smith has always loved making up stories. She spent most of her childhood in her tree fort creating stories. She married an artist and together, with their three children, they went on the road airbrushing Family Entertainment venues, such as Laser Tag Arenas and Haunted Houses, across the country. During these times, Kristen home-schooled the children and entertained them with stories she would make up, using the different places they went as inspiration. Several of her stories come from nightmares she had at hotels across America. She lives in West Michigan where she tells her three grandchildren stories every chance she gets.
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