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Code Centaurus Revealed
Mar. 22, 2022
Frank Lentz
Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Colin Grier, a scientist discovers a bizarre disease outbreak in New Guinea and with this comes a fantastic world of possibilities and unprecedented dangers ahead.

WHEN COLIN GRIER is ordered by a covert office in the World Health Organization to investigate a bizarre disease outbreak in New Guinea, he is introduced to a fantastic world of possibilities that he never dreamed existed. While in New Guinea, he meets a beautiful, paralyzed woman called Margo, who is traveling with her father aboard a privately funded research ship in search of an ancient Khmer temple. While onboard, Margo and Colin become fast friends, and Margo eventually discloses that she has psychic abilities. Her visions eventually lead Colin to some twelfth-century Khmer temple ruins, where they discover a part of an ancient telescope. Although the find is a major victory for anthropology, the group also discovers the source of the disease outbreak within the temple, and Colin is forced to choose between stopping the disease at its source and curing Margo's paralysis. But with an impending attack from the World Health Organization's Swat team, Colin must decide: will he save the woman he loves or chooses to stop the spreading disease and possibly change the course of history.

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I was a former High School science teacher. I graduated from Villanova University. Love all the arts, not just science. I am single. I wrote Code Centaurus the old fashioned way with a fountain pen I sang in a barbershop quartet for some years and enjoyed it greatly. I became a fan of Michael Crichton's novels and decided to write my own in his style.
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