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Correct Your Pelvis And Heal Your Back Pain
Mar. 18, 2022
Alexander Barrie
Non-fiction: Health
The Self-Help Manual for alleviating back-pain and other muscles-skeletal aches and pains such as with neck, shoulder, upper arm, elbow, wrist, lumbar spine, hip, knee, ankle, foot and more.

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Correct-Your-Pelvis-Heal-Back-pain/dp/164961070X
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Dr. Alexander Barrie Is a Back Pain Consultant. A physician of natural therapies. He is the Founder of the Alexander Barrie System of Pelvic Correction. A registered craniosacral therapist, and also registered Shiatsu Practitioner, he is a British wheel of yoga teacher. (Astrologer and musician) the author of: Wholesome Is Our Precious Gender Divide, Essay I say and, Correct Your Pelvis and Heal your Back Pain. He is Married a father and currently Reside in Nth west London UK.
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